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At Elite Physical Therapy, we strive to give each patient the most specific treatments based on their diagnostic classification. It is through the use of our detailed assessment process that we can classify our patients into certain categories which affords them quicker and more effective results. We take into consideration each patient’s unique circumstances, qualitative findings, and quantitative findings and are able to give our patients a specific time frame to end their episode of pain.


Robin McKenzie defined centralization as: Movement of pain to a more central location.

A phenomenon seen throughout the spine, centralization is one of the best physical medicine prognostic factors. Meaning that if you see centralization while undergoing exercise, you are performing the right exercise and will most likely have a very good outcome.
Did you know that there are over 62 peer-reviewed research articles that show that if you see centralization, than you are much more likely to get better quicker? Centralization is a significant finding and if you are having spinal problems this is something you should be looking for.

Directional Preference:

Defined as: Movement that eliminates pain and restores function.

Directional preference can be found in all body regions, not just in the spine. When you can find a direction that increases mobility and decreases pain, the patient has a much more likely chance of a quick and effective recovery. There are also many peer-reviewed articles which demonstrate the effectiveness of finding a directional preference and influence it can have on an individual’s success.



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